Main rules to buy home Wi-Fi router which will help you to pay lowest price for highest quality.

router-minWi-fi router is modern device which can help you to connect you personal computer, laptop, smartphone, tablet and other gadgets to internet by wireless network. Choosing high qualified for satisfactory amount is difficult task, because you need to consider all possible router features. If you buy random device, you have chance to get router which will break after a few weeks. Okay, let’s find out main features:

forums always advice to buy the cheapest routers, because they haven’t got differences with expensive devices and have same functions. First question that appears is “So why I should pay more?”. Only expensive routers have high qualified assembly, high performance, good components and high reliability. So cheach devices have cheap components. They reception worse and Wi-Fi coverage area isn’t big. Moreover, Budgetary routers often break more than expensive, but this rule doesn’t work in 100% of situations. If you financial status afford you to buy more expensive router, give your preferences to him.

There are a lot of brands of routers, but they product proved to be different. The most important difference is IP addresses to settings interface. Mostly, manufacturers use, but there some exclusions. For example: (D-Link) or (Zyxel, MSI). D-Link is one of the main manufacturers of budget routers, but its products are not very reliable. Experts and ordinary users call a few manufacturers which products are the best on the market: Linksys (routers are quite expensive, but high quality and reliable), Asus (according to reviews, holds a leading place among the manufacturers of many devices, including routers), Zyxel (release at least a few excellent models of routers), TP-Link (produces a budget, but high quality and reliable models of the routers).

First rule of choosing router with good specifications is choose devices with well done components. Access Memory should be more than 64mb. CPU power should be 300 MHz and more. Recommended Flash-memory is 16 Mb and more. Moreover, don’t forget about device’s power and number of antennas.

Internet protocols
Note the most important detail – protocols support. Different providers use different protocols for providing Internet access: PPTP, L2TP, PPPoE. You need to purchased router necessarily supported by protocol used by your ISP. To do this, check with provider required information and then verify that the technical characteristics of router were set the same Protocol.

WAN port and internet connection technology
There are different types of connection: Ethernet, ADSL, USB 3G. That depends on what WAN port router has. This is a very important factor in your choice, because if you can’t connect Internet cable to route, money will be wasted.

The most used Wi-Fi standart is 802.11n. He is already fully commissioned and appropriate available devices, so there is no reason to buy outdated routers that support 802.11 b or 802.11 g.